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Call Center Skills Testing

Call Center Coding Skills

Examinees are given 4 minutes to correctly locate as many correct codes as possible from a list of extensions, country codes and departments.

Call Center Data Analysis Skills

Examinees are shown various price charts and asked to determine which price should be charged for different scenarios.

Call Center Service Skills

Examinees answer questions on topics such as how best to deal with dissatisfied customers, proper telephone skills and communication techniques.

Call Center Inbound Sales

Examinees answer questions on topics such as sales strategies, features vs. benefits, needs vs. desires, closing a sale as well as effective sales techniques.

Call Center Telephone Skills

Examinees answer questions on topics such as holding and forwarding calls, taking and leaving messages, telephone etiquette as well as telephone terminology.

Call Center Customer Service Scenarios

This multimedia assessment measures key customer service competencies in a simulated call center scenario. Test takers must decide how to effectively respond to callers while dealing with distractions and generating the best outcome across a variety of scenarios. Test measures customer service, rules adherence, multitasking, keyboarding and call management.

Call Center Data Entry - Audio

Listening to a simulated marketing call, examinees are asked to type the required information into an on-screen form.

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Call Center Test Titles
  • Coding Skills
  • Data Analysis Skills
  • Service Skills
  • Inbound Sales
  • Telephone Skills
  • Customer Service Simulation
  • Data Entry (audio)
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