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Staffing Services

Are you looking for some of these things?

A Staffing Services partner with testing systems to assist you to provide superior personnel with verified competencies to prospective employers?

Tests that measure computer proficiency. Each question in the user-level computer assessments provides full simulation, requiring the test taker to complete an actual software task. All documented methods of completing tasks are supported?

An easy to read report confirms the applicant's skill levels?

Over 1200 different tests provide skill testing assessment in a broad variety of occupations?

Clerical Office Tests

Clerical Office skills assessments measure a wide range of general clerical proficiencies.

Test Administration

It takes very little time to administer - simply queue up the tests you wish to administer and the account will do the rest!


All tests are administered via the Internet.

To request a Free Online Testing Demo and list of tests, please e-mail service@pcskillstests.com.

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MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and some 2016 testing is here! Testing is available for MS Access, Excel,  Outlook, PowerPoint & Word!
Build your own staff by selecting the best, using the Staffing test suite.
Call Center Skills Testing provides the opportunity to build a successful team!
Staff your team using this range of important skill testing titles.
Accounting ]-[ Clerical ]-[ Light Industrial ]-[ Online ]-[ Software ]-[ Industrial
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