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PC Software Skills Testing Center

Software Skills Test Center for End User, IT, Clerical, Accounting Staff and other special groups:

PC Software Skills Tests

Our tests provide a fast, accurate, and reliable evaluation of a test-taker's skill level.

We offer over 1200 Software, Call Center, Accounting, Clerical, Industrial, Medical, Legal, Aptitude and IT Technical skill tests from which to choose.

Skills Assessment Testing

Pre-employment screening, training placement, and pre and post-training assessment programs using our testing, provides confidence for the employee, helps focus on areas needing skill development, and builds greater competency and productivity for the individual, as well as for your organization.

PC, IT & Business Management Training

PC, IT & Business Management Training is offered in a variety of formats: Video, CBT/CDROM, Computer based training, Internet, and Classroom Instructor Guides and Student workbooks. We also offer Reference Guides for many applications.

Staffing Services

More and more organizations in the Staffing Industry are using skills testing to confidently evaluate the skills of prospective employees, for their clients.

Highly interactive software simulations allow Staffing companies to provide fast, effective testing in all the popular software products such as Microsoft Office© , Corel© and Lotus SmartSuite©, without the expense of having to purchase the actual application software and multiple licenses.

You can now test for important clerical skills (including typing, data entry, audio transcription) as well as professional skills. These include Office Suites, Call Center, Accounting, Medical, and Legal Skills along with computer programming and IT skills.

Training Services

Training departments can test to determine the skills training actually required for your existing staff! Assemble classes with students of similar competency levels.

Training Courses are offered for PC End User, IT Technical, Business Management Skill Development and Workplace Safety. Training is conducted through a variety of media: Video, CBT/CDROM, Computer based training, Internet and Intranet, Classroom Instructor Guides and Student workbooks.

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MS Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 testing
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Build your own staff by selecting the best, using our Staffing Assessments.
Call Center Skills Testing provides the opportunity to build a successful team!
Staff your Help Desk using this range of fine skills testing titles.
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