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Skills Assessment Testing

A great selection of skills assessment tests!

We offer over 1200 validated assessment tests, including MS Office testing, Clerical, Call Center, Financial/Accounting, Industrial, Legal, Healthcare and more! 

We're Here to Help!

Call us at (905) 985-0752 for help in determining the best solution for your testing needs.

Reporting Capabilities

The testing system features detailed score reports, a variety of statistical and customization features.

For more information on the version that is right for you, call Customer Service at (905) 985-0752.

Individual Test Titles vs. Testing Packages

We offer discount packages. Companies that have a variety of testing needs can save money by purchasing a package, rather than purchasing individual titles.

Some of our most popular packages are:

  • The Core Package (the complete user-level software and office skills product lines).
  • The TechTest Complete Package (the complete technical testing product line).
  • The MS Office Package (testing for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Windows and typing) and the Office/Professional Package (the complete clerical and professional skills testing product line).

For testing a single specific skill or application, consider purchasing an individual title from one of our many packages.

Remote Testing via the Internet

You can choose to access our testing products via the Internet! If you want to enjoy the benefits of our tests without making a large investment or have the need to test remotely, then you need our Internet testing system.

Many organizations have the flexibility of using both Internet and an in-house installation.

Industry Specific Testing Needs

We offer a variety of industry-specific tests. If you need to hire Legal, Medical, Industrial or Accounting support staff, we can help.

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